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Do I need to see my General Practitioner first?
Although many local general practitioners refer patients to us, it is not necessary to see your GP before coming to Riverview Clinic. We are a Primary Care Centre. Registered Osteopaths are allowed to treat you ‘on first referral’ (meaning without coming via a Doctor) because of our specific high level training. We will refer you back to your GP if that is more appropriate.

Approximately 60% of the time our patients come on self referral. The remaining 40% are referred by a GP, Hospital Consultant, or come through their employer or sports club.

What do I need to bring to treatment?
We need to know about your past and present health. Therefore, if you are on medication of any kind, please bring either the medication or information about what you are taking. If you have had private x-rays taken and have the films in your possession, please bring them with you.

Will I need to undress?
Generally, the answer to this is yes. Even if the symptoms are in a limb (perhaps an elbow or knee problem), we may well still need to examine other parts of the body. For instance, where there is pain in the hip or knee we may need to examine the lower back region. Where there is pain in the arm, we may need to examine the neck and upper back. Please wear suitable underwear that you feel comfortable in, or bring something to change into. You are welcome to wear shorts/ a camisole as necessary for you own comfort.

Is treatment uncomfortable?
We may have to examine and treat areas of the body that are tender and therefore sensitive to touch. The techniques we use should not generally cause or amplify the pain that you have come with, but sometimes there may be discomfort when sensitive areas are treated.

Will there be after- effects to treatment?
It is not uncommon to feel sore or stiff after treatment, sometime in the following 24 hours as people vary in the way they respond to treatment. Frequently, a hot bath or gentle movement such as walking around or stretching will ease any after-effects. Your practitioner will advise on what is best for you at the end of the treatment. Often these after-effects are the result of muscles or joints having been stretched for the first time in days, weeks or months, and may feel like you have done unaccustomed exercise

How long does treatment take?
When you first consult one of our practitioners, your consultation will usually last 45 minutes. If you need further treatment, the session will usually last 30 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?
This will vary on the nature of the problem; what factors have contributed to the problem and how long it has been there. Treatment may well help to accelerate your recovery; however, how you manage your problem will also have a bearing. Therefore, some people only need to visit once, while others may need many treatments. Your practitioner should give you an assessment of how much treatment is likely to be required at your first appointment. Most straightforward presentations require between 1 and 3 visits. More complex problems may take more sessions.

Do I need to make an appointment to use the massage chair?
There is no need to make an appointment to use the chair, you can drop in; Sessions are 15 minutes.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel an appointment, allow 24 hours notice of cancellation so that we can offer appointment time to another patient who may be in need! Patients who fail to attend their appointment without giving more than 24hrs prior notification may incur a cancellation fee.

Covered by Health Insurance Policies?
Our Osteopathy services are eligible for refund with VHI, Laya, Aviva and the Hospital Saturday Fund among others (however we do advise you to check your policy in case of additional terms and conditions). Reimbursement rates vary depending on your policy.

How do I pay?
Payments can be made by card, cash or cheque payable at the end of each session. 24 hours notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee.

At the end of your course of treatment receipts will be provided on request for reimbursement of fees from health insurance companies and Med 1 tax forms. If you have private medical insurance you may be required to have a GP referral for certain treatments. Please check with your own insurance company.

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