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What is Cranial Osteopathy and what does it do?
Why do babies need treatment?
How to know if your baby needs treatment?
Osteopathy for Children
Osteopathic Treatment

What is Cranial Osteopathy and what does it do?
Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, non invasive treatment whereby following a careful diagnosis, specific light pressure is applied to particular areas of the head, neck and body to enable the inherent healing ability of the body to affect the release of stresses and strains. Doing so calms the nervous system and helps restore harmony.

Cranial Osteopathy can be used as an effective treatment for people of all ages. It’s gentle approach makes it an ideal treatment for babies and children.

Why do babies need treatment?
The birth process puts enormous physical pressure on an infant. The baby’s head is compressed and moulded by the delivery. The soft skull bones are designed to overlap in order to get through the birth canal. After birth the skull bones begin to re-expand and un-mould so that the head can return to its normal shape. This is assisted by the baby crying, suckling and yawning.

However sometimes this un-moulding process is incomplete and this is where Cranial Osteopathy can help.

How to know if your baby needs treatment?
Unresolved strains can have an irritating affect on the nervous system. The baby may be fractious and unsettled and have difficulty sleeping. Often he/she may need to be carried or rocked to sleep- the movement distracts from the uncomfortable stresses or pressure felt in the head when lying still.

Some babies may have difficulty feeding. Mechanical strain through the head, face and throat can slightly irritate the nerve supply to the tongue which may cause fatigue when feeding or problems with latching on.

Colic, reflux, regurgitation and excessive windiness can often be relieved by Cranial Osteopathy.

Any asymetry of neck movement, body rotation or flattening of the head, noticed by the parents are very valid reasons to get your baby checked out by a cranial osteopath.

It is recommended to have a baby assessed by a cranial osteopath if the birth has been exceptionally difficult or prolonged, or if there has been any intervention such as:
  • Use of forceps or suction
  • Induction
  • Use of epidural
  • C-section
  • Prematurity

If a baby has been born by C-section, it is often still advisable to get them checked out by a cranial osteopath.

With a planned C-section a baby doesn’t get much warning of what is about to happen, they are not exposed to the hormonal and physical changes that natural labour would create.

Therefore they can still have some shock in their body and they may be irritable, cranky, nervous or jumpy. They have not undergone the pressure of going through the birth canal. Therefore they may be predisposed to lung congestion because their rib cage wasn’t squeezed during birth. They may get recurrent infections and need antibiotics when they are young.

Emergency C-sections can be very traumatic for baby and mother. There is a build up of adrenaline which does not get fully released because in the end the baby is pulled and tugged out in an unnatural way.

Some babies will not engage down into the pelvis properly (for a number of reasons) and a section is inevitable. If a baby has had a transverse or breech lie for some time towards the end of pregnancy he/ she may be left with strains in the body and may show strong preferences for lying on one side only or have habitual use of one side more than the other.

Osteopathy for Children
Unresolved strains in a baby’s body may remain with them as they grow. This may lead to imbalances in a child’s body and low levels of physical discomfort which can cause:
  • Difficult behaviour,poor concentration and over sensitivity
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Learning difficulties, hyperactivity, fidgeting and difficulty sitting still
  • Developmental delay, dyslexia, dyspraxia, slow to crawl and walk
  • Emotional stress and physical tension
  • Depletion of immune system leading to infections
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Ear problems - poor drainage of Eustacian tube and sinuses
  • Sinus Problems - persistant mouth breathing
  • Increased risk of dental overcrowding

Osteopathic Treatment
Cranial osteopathy can help release uncomfortable stresses and distortions in the baby after birth, allowing the baby to relax and become happier and more settled.

Treatment can be started at any age, however the earlier the better. Babies from as young as a few days old can benefit from osteopathy.

Most babies need at least 2 or 3 treatments before change is affected. To fully resolve patterns of birth strain in a baby’s body up to 6 treatments may be necessary.

As babies grow their bodies have to rapidly adapt to the changes e.g. teething, encountering infections, falls and bumps as a toddler. Regular check ups and treatments are a good idea to ensure balanced growth.

Most health Insurers will cover part or total costs of Osteopathic treatments from Registered Osteopaths.

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Cranial Osteopath

Cranial Osteopath Limerick

Cranial Osteopath

Cranial Osteopath Limerick

Cranial Osteopath Limerick