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If you choose us for your treatment this is what you can expect...

A warm, friendly and relaxed welcome awaits you at Riverview Clinic®, where you can enjoy safe, natural treatments tailored to your needs. At all times your comfort and health is our priority. We strive to make every patients visit, enjoyable and informative. It is your time to relax, restore your wellbeing in a professional, caring and supportive environment.

Excellent Standards of Care, Professionalism & Service
At Riverview Clinic®, your health and wellbeing is our prime focus. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent care, ensuring that each individual is given the right therapeutic option for them. Designing personalised healthcare treatments, which improve your quality of life, all delivered to you in a caring and highly professional way with guaranteed continuity of care. We provide access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic services to best evaluate your health.

Our Passion & Promise
Our practitioners at Riverview Clinic® are passionate about natural healthcare and using our skills, knowledge and experience to treat, inspire, support and educate our patients in taking responsibility for their health and vitality, encouraging you to live an active life, free from pain and to achieve your healthcare goals and reach your full health potential. We understand that to heal completely, you need time, attention and an effective plan to support you on your journey back to optimum health.

Highest Quality Products
We carefully select the most effective products, whether vitamin & mineral supplements/herbs, equipment and other healthcare products from suppliers whose values resonate with ours. We have a full range of the highest quality supplements and other retail products to compliment your treatment programme. We always endeavour to give you the best information on health and healthcare products and advice.

Location & Environment
Riverview Clinic® is located within a few minutes walking distance from both Limerick and Cork’s main streets. The clinical environment is calm and tranquil and conducive to relaxation, so that you can relax and recover in a safe atmosphere. We take a pride in our excellent standards of presentation and cleanliness at all times.

Communication & Information
We listen to you - We pride ourselves on having excellent communication with all our patients, customers and suppliers. We care about what you think and we openly welcome your ideas and comments. You are important to us. And we are delighted to answer all your questions and advise you accordingly. Remember your comments help us learn and grow and provide the best service to you. And if there is something that concerns you that is not here please ask as we may have a solution...We have many informative leaflets available at the practice for you to take home and read. We do everything we can to never let you down in all that we do, but if something is not right please let us know. We are unique, caring, passionate and extremely hard working. We live by our Values of: Confidentiality, Trust, Honesty and Integrity. We choose the companies we work with based on our values.

Take the first step towards improving your condition and quality of your life by calling us and we will tailor a programme to suit your needs.

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